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What is a library database and how do I access one?

Last updated on Feb 01, 2023    databases SUNY Ulster Student Portal


A library research database is a searchable collection of information. Libraries pay for subscriptions to databases in order to provide their users access to the best information. Library databases contain scholarly articles from academic journals, newspaper articles, magazine articles, book reviews, ebooks, specialized encyclopedias and/or streaming video.

The Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster subscribes to more than 60 different databases. DiscoverDeWitt is the library's search tool that pulls together information from all of our subscription databases as well as our print materials so you can search all library resources at once. The results can be overwhelming at times so it can be helpful to search the more targeted collection of a subject-specific library database. You can find them on the Library Resources page of the Portal.

Current students, faculty and staff are able to access the library's databases from on or off-campus using the links provided on the portal. Users on the college network, including WiFi, can access library databases from our Research Databases page.