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How do I save an article from a library database so I can refer to it later?

Last updated on Mar 04, 2024    databases research


You have several options for saving your research. The exact method depends on which database you are using. Generally, look for tools with names like Permalink/Link, Share, Send to, Google Drive, or Email.

In DiscoverDeWitt, after signing in, use the "Pin" feature to save to your favorites. You can also use the Permalink Icon and copy the URL to your clipboard to be pasted into a separate document. You can also use the Email button to email yourself the record.

In Ebscohost databases, you can use the Save to My Folder option to retain articles during your searching session (or indefinitely if you have are logged in to your free Ebscohost account). There are also buttons in the Tools area to Save to your computer, add to Google Drive and Email. If you prefer to manually copy/paste the URL, make sure you use the Permalink button. The URL in the browser is session-based and will become a dead link outside of your search session.

In Gale databases, use the Get Link button in the top menu to copy the stable URL. You may also use the Send To button to save to your computer, Google Drive or email.

In ScienceDirect, the URL in your browser will only work while on campus. Note that the URL in the address bar will need to be preceded by http://ezproxy, in order to work off campus. You may Download PDF for saving to your desired location. 

In JSTOR, use the stable URL provided on the landing page for the article. You can also Download PDF or Share to email it. Note that the stable URL listed in the citation will need to be preceded by http://ezproxy, in order to work off campus.